Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hi Ladies,

After much consideration, we've decided to end the way the Welcomistas currently functions.

With the way the comments on SITS now allow for nested replies, Kat, Fran and I have been welcoming newbies quickly and easily.

Having said that, we of course, would love and appreciate any commenting you continue to do on behalf of SITS. We'd also love to see you in the blog frog community- if any of you have an interest in being a community lead over there- we switch it up each month.

SITS huge growth over the past year (we are over 7,000 strong!) is largely impart to your effort, so THANK YOU.

I'd especially like to thank Jen, who really kept things moving.

I'll be taking this site down shortly, of course, you can email me with any questions- sitsgirls@gmail.com


Saturday, June 26, 2010


I just wanted to post a little update so that you all know what is going on. I have been talking with Tiffany and Heather about the future of the Welcomistas. To me, it just doesn't seem like people are out there going around and commenting on the lists. There are 60 some people following this blog and only 5 to 10 actively comment.

So for the summer, we are going to take a little break. I will be making lists and posting them about every other week or so. And then come fall, we are going re-evaluate things like maybe make a post on BlogFrog instead. I don't know, we are still brain stroming. If you have any ideas, let me/us know.

I now just want to say thank you to everyone who does go around and comment. And please, this post is in no means meant to make people feel gulity about not being able to get around. We all have a life and have to live that first. I just love SITS and everything that it stands for. So I want other people to know about it and feel the same love and support that SITS has given me. Its all about supporting each other and making people feel like they are apart of something big.

So I wish everyone a great summer and I will post a new list on Monday.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Lists (June 6)

Sorry for the delay! Quick note on SITS badges - 11 of these 50 bloggers do not have a SITS badge (22%)!! Do we want to:
1.) Not visit them (maybe they no longer wish to participate and thus removed their badges?)
2.) Visit them and when we comment ask them to add a badge?
3.) Send an email asking to add a badge.

But while I'm complaining about badgeless blogs, I should note that I'm not a big badge fan and was hesitant myself in adding a SITS badge because I don't post any badges of any kind on my blog. But I did add the badge - but at the bottom of the page. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.

**This week's list brings us up to April 7th.

Have a great week, Erin

{A - M}

Knit Together (no badge)
Paigerelli's Place
Coupon Momma's
Grow Some Stones Laddie
62 Cards (no badge)

Handprint and Footprint Art
Peachy Green (no badge)
Write Out Loud
Hello Sneakers, Goodbye Heels
Green Mom Wannabe

Head in the clouds
This lovely life
Just another manic momday
Nu Flaiir
Bittersweet Bigarades Ramblings

A mama stork knows
The Flirty Lasso (no badge)
Hitha on the go (no badge)
Endo and the single girl
Little Bit Quirky

Katie's Dailies
Little Gray Fox (no badge)
Esbe Chic
Guessing all the way
The Gift Detective (no badge)

{N - Z}

Momma's Pixie Dreams
Managing Mommyhood
Life With the Ardies
A bit of happy
Young, fabulous, and hungry

all of the above
Little family in the big woods
adventures in vineyardland (no badge)
Embrace fire (no badge)
Single mom in the south

I thought I loved you then
Beauty Woo Me
My Marriage Has Autism
The Nerdy Diva (no badge)
The Kennison Family

Capability: Mom
Home Shabby Home
Slightly Sarcastic
Key Lime Designs (no badge)
Not a sparrow falls

Holm Sweet Home
Musings of a Passionate Mind
Dear Sydney
Love Sick Events
In it to twin it