Sunday, April 11, 2010

"New" SITStas To Welcome

Hi ladies! I did notice that there were a few Welcomistas on the list from last week and yes, the list may seem a bit old. It was from January and has brought us up to February this week. So, we may be welcoming some SITStas that have been with us for a few months. But, the important thing is, we are spreading the SITS love. Because SITS is growing so rapidly,  I am not sure that we will ever actually get "caught up", but we will do our best to make sure everyone gets a warm SITS welcome regardless of when the joined. Thanks again for all your hard work! 

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Curly Q's Hair Do's
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Tales From The Sippy Cup
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Honey'd Designs
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Just Precious
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Our 6 Ring Circus
Luv My Two Girls
Decoy Betty
Double Shot of Espresso

Extreme Personal Measures
The Key To Me
Mom of Three Seeks Sanity
Misadventures of Mom of 3


Half Baked Cafe
Honey Bear Lane
Saba's Inkwell
I'm a Sleeper Baker
The Sierra Home Companion

Reel Pages
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Well-Loved Tales
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This and That, Here and There
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Adventures of an Incredibly Amazing Supermom

Have a great week!