Friday, April 24, 2009

Bloggity Blogs

Thank you so much to those of you who donated and bid on the auction!

We raised over $900 which is amazing, considering I threw it together in a week....

Heather and I have been very busy- she is selling her house and as many of you know, I run private summer camp in Los Angeles- with over 850 kids enrolled, I am crazy right now, hence the lack of posts here.  

The new list of newbies:

I Am the Diva {some profanity}

Thank you so much ladies.

Really, we couldn't do it without you.


Saucy Blogs...

I've noticed Saucy Blogs have been absent from the Weekly fun over at SITS. I remember how SOOOOOOOOO DARNED EXCITED I was to be a Saucy blog! It was refreshing to wake up in the morning and see all that comment love :)

I know you SITS ladies have been so busy lately. But you have 36 Welcomistas cruising new blogs. Why not pass the Saucy torch onto us until you free up some time? We could choose from the new member lists and vote on who should be Saucy for the week.

So anyhoo - Heather and Tiffany - Is this idea "saucy" enough for ya? :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hey Girls!

I've got lots of new SITStas!!!

I'll list them the way Not So Mom-a-licious did, as you seemed to like them broken down....

Here we go:

Thanks girls!

If you are not following SITS on twitter, please do- I would love to get some conversations going- feel like I am all alone out there....

Again, thank you so much for all you do!!!!


Friday, April 3, 2009

The opposite of Old? NEW!

Since you all are as addicted to doing this as I am, here are some more! I did them in small groups and I listed 20. Thought this would get everyone through the weekend. Not sure what the right number of links to post is..10, 15, 20?

Loving Every Second
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The Thrifty Trendsetter
Our Story

Meme Love ( a little deep? dark? unique? just so ya know)
Chopped Salad
The Mitchell Family
Makeup Theory Workshops
Stuff I Think About...

like a hamster on a wheel
Oh That Is So Gay!
Marvelous Mason's
Uncovering Food

The Path Less Traveled
E.A.D. Designs
Mommy Ramblings
At the Porch Swing
Naturally Curly, Naturally Fabulous

Have a Great Weekend!