Sunday, December 20, 2009

A lot of Newbies

Wow, look at all the people back in the action of welcoming our new SITStas. That is awesome! This really is a great things that we are doing.

What I am going to do for this week and next is that I am going to post a HUGE list of newbies and then leave it up for two weeks. I am doing this because of the holidays. It is such a busy time and I know that people are not doing a lot of blogging right now. I figure this way people will have extra time to get around to the newbies and even get to some of the lists that they missed.

So with out further ado. Here is the list.

DimpleArts Photography
youth parliment
My Army of Five
Vintage Creations
Snide Commentary

Enjoying Motherhood No Matter What it Brings
Robin's Nest of Spoiled Eggs
Observation of a Token Yankee
Healthy Deals N' Steals

The Stories of A to Z
Bring on the Lloyds
Mommy Wild
King Max

Better Off With Cats
Pretty Shiny Sparkly
My Life As A Wife Of A Over The Road Truck Driver
The Graceful Stitch
Patience Under Fire

My life... in words
A diary of lovely
The Family Awaits
Wristie Love

Just Audrey
Sew Chic and Unique
Isabella & Max Rooms
Live the Adventure

2 Toddlers and Me
Email from the Embassy
Spots on My Apples
Kelly at Home

Just another perfect day
Norma Lee Good
Chris's Corner
Adventures in Life
Small Inspirations

Feathering My Nest
Domestic Success
The Juicy Courtship
Balance, Joy and Delicias
Sneaker Teacher

Hear Mum Roar
Hope Springs Eternal
Tales from a Panama-mama
Anna's Adornments
After the Alter

Whew, now that is a list! If you can't get to them all, hop around and if the holidays are just too busy for you, get them later.

I wish everyone a blessed holiday and a happy new year!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Another great list. Let's go and welcome. And I am a bit concerned about the fact that there are 50 people following this blog and there are only about 10 people welcoming the newbies. Have people forgotten? Should we ask for new people to join us? I would just like these new ladies to get as much love as possible. Thought?

A Mom's Fresh Start
Coffee, God and Me
In Through The Out Door
The Real Me

More Than A Housewife
Vintage Reinvented
I Need Pretty Things
Mad Hatter Mom
All Things Thrifty

Julie's Journal
Day 2 Day
Gonna Want Seconds
Britain in a foreign PaLATE
My Alabaster Jar

Life in our part of the Woods
The Mom O Blog
Memories in Motion by Chrisy
The Encore Bride
Puget Sound Prudence

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New SITSta's

Thanks to everyone for volunteering to take over the duties of posting lists for a month. I was thinking that I will just keep it up through the holidays. Then Sandy can start in January and we will just continue from there. If at any point anyone wants to be added to the rotation or taken off just let me know.

So now, onto the new SITStas. There are some really cool SITSta's in here so lets give them a great big welcome!

Happily at Home
Sincerely, Jenni
Wee Sally Therapeutic Massage
Live, Love, Eat Ice Cream

Salsa Pie
Laurnie's Life
Happy Head Bows
Mrs. Chun LeRoy's Tiny Apartment
Viva Frugality

The Inquisitive Mom
be blessed!
Things I Can't Say
Creations by Lanie
Mommy Matters


it's only life
A Boy, A Girl, and Soccer
The Bormann Twins
creatice spayce

Thank everyone and hope you have a great week.
And get better soon, Mamarazzi! You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mamarazzi's In The Hospital

Mamarazzi is in ICU at Emanuel Medical Center in Turlock, CA.
Hopefully she is discharged soon and will update when that happens.
For now she is stable and recovering.
Prayers and well wishes appreciated.
-Big Daddy

Friday, November 20, 2009

Is This Thing On?

Hellooooo!? Anyone still here? *tap tap tap*

I know that there has been a serious lack of posting over here and it is because life and other SITS duties have taken Tiffany over and there are not enough hours in the day for her to get everything she need to get done done.

So I contacted her and told her that I, Jen from Buried with Children, would like to take over organizing everything. We chatted more, she more than agreed and filled me in on the workings of this site.

This is what I was thinking we could do. So that keeping this site up to date does not fall on one person all the time, I thought that each of us, Welcomista's, could take a month and post the lists which would go up once a week. In exchange for this and as a way to say 'thank you' Tiffany said that for the month that one person is posting lists, they will get their button placed on the SITS site.

Isn't that awesome! Just think of all the exposure you will get. My fingers can barely type this, thinking about it. Squeeeee!!!!!

So if you are interested in posting 4 (sometimes 5) times a month over here, leave a comment and let me know. I will keep that master list and remind everyone when it will be their turn.

Let's get Welcoming our new SITSta once again and grow this SITS community!


P.S. I was thinking of having the post still go up on Sunday and having 20 links per list.

P.P.S. If anyone has any other ideas, please email me.

P.P.S.S. If this is not something that you are interested in an would like to be removed from this team, then please let me know.

P.P.S.S.S (if there is such a thing) I am going to post a new list this Sunday. So stay tuned and get those welcomes ready.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm a Little Late!

Sorry that I am getting these up a bit late! We had a really long week last week, so our weekend was filled with some much needed family time. Yesterday I sent my oldest son off to his first day of 11th grade. I am still trying to figure out how he grew up so fast! :0(

We have a lot of newbies again and I am thrilled to be able to give them a great big SITS welcome! Please join me!

Head Over Heels...
Inside My Head
I Heart My Chaotic Life
~Sara's Lounge~

Emerging ERA
Random Stuff of SAM
Her Saccharine
The Kucera Family Blog

Me, the Man & the Baby
Steph in the City
Mommy 2 Two Girls
Mama of 3 Munchkins
A NYC Housewife-in-Training

30 Before 30
My Perception of Life
Beautiful Brown Babies
Love the Life that you Live
Sew Not My Day

Have a great week ladies!
:0) Sandy

Sunday, June 21, 2009

So Many New Members!

Awwww Shucks! I'm having to go back on my promise to stick to posting 20 at a time due to the large influx of new members. This week I've linked up 25. If you notice any links that are not connecting or any other issues, please send me an email (carmasez at bellsouth dot net). Thanks again for all your help in making these ladies feel welcome...

Losing My Religion
What's Your Beauty Secret?
That Lin Chick
D to the 4th Power
Wonder Wifey

Oh, the Possibilities!
Kimmy Thingy
Madaline: The Magnificent Mayhem Maker
Mom's Online Garage Sale

Should be Cleaning
Everything According to Erin
Jillian Kristine: Pieces of Me
Your Couture Kid
The Rantings of Renni

Photography: A Reflection and Refraction
Excess Baggage
Blue Cotton Memory
What God Has Joined Together
Buildeth her House

Rozzi's Handmade Heaven
Sweet As Candy
Something Snappy
Stroke of Living
Life is an Adventure!

Have a fantastic weekend!
carma :-)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Let's Give a Warm Welcome... these new SITStas. Hi Ladies, I'll be helping out Tiffany by posting the new blogs for the next 4 weekends. If there is a problem with a link or any other issues, please send me an email: carmasez (at) bellsouth (dot) net

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

A Thrifty Home
All Because Two People Fell in Love
The Mahogony Way
Thoughtfully Blended Hearts
After 'I Do'

Otherhood LLC
The Woobie Shop
Charmingly Cheap
The Redhead Riter
My Life at Pansy Cottage Garden

It's a July Thing
Aubut Life
Feeding a Family of Five for Fifty
The Silver Whining

The Young and the Restless
Heart Prints
Sue's News Views 'n Muse
Organizing Solutions for Life

Thanks-- and I'll try to keep it to 20 blogs per post.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Chicas.

So, SITS is growing faaaasssssst.

If I told you how many "Welcome" comments are in my inbox you'd run screaming.

So, here are some more....

Looks like we are losing some Welcomista's- summer is tough for some, I may put out the call for some more help, a HUGE thank you to those of you who are getting it done- Heather and I are more appreciative then you will ever know- it makes us feel like we have a team of people making this work!

Thank you!!!!

Oh, if any of you are planning on attending SITScation but are waiting to register, just give me a head's up so I hold your space.


Sunday, May 24, 2009


Hello Ladies!

LOTS of new SITStas!

I also want to make sure you all get a chance to register for SITScation before we go public- we are only selling 50 to 75 spaces, so they may go quick- especially when the Guest Speakers start promoting it.....

Venetian Room rates: $129/night Luxury Suite- King bed
                                        $159/night Bella Suite- 2 Queen beds

These rates include: $25 in slot play, free wireless and discounts to shops and restaurants at the hotel... this is an AMAZING price for a suite!

Registration info is here.  Please do not pass this info on as we are not quite ready to go public.

Now, on to the New Chicks:

There are some good ones in here- Thank you!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Chicks on the Block.


I have a new list of newbies to welcome.

Camp is gearing up, so I will be passing on the Welcomista posting duties to a few of you who offered to take on some extra duties- thank you!

Here are the new SITStas!

Thank you!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nuevo Blogeos.

The welcomistas are shrinking a bit- thank you so much to you regulars- in a few weeks, I will remove anyone who hasn't been around at all.

Heather and I are crazy busy and do need some help.  We have no money or fame to offer, but if you are interested in helping us keep things moving through the summer {our craziest time} email me.  We need help with saucy blogs, getting Saturday Spotlights and keeping up with the newbies.... of course, you are already doing more than we ever hoped for just being a welcomista!!!

New blogs:

As always... Thank you!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bloggity Blogs

Thank you so much to those of you who donated and bid on the auction!

We raised over $900 which is amazing, considering I threw it together in a week....

Heather and I have been very busy- she is selling her house and as many of you know, I run private summer camp in Los Angeles- with over 850 kids enrolled, I am crazy right now, hence the lack of posts here.  

The new list of newbies:

I Am the Diva {some profanity}

Thank you so much ladies.

Really, we couldn't do it without you.


Saucy Blogs...

I've noticed Saucy Blogs have been absent from the Weekly fun over at SITS. I remember how SOOOOOOOOO DARNED EXCITED I was to be a Saucy blog! It was refreshing to wake up in the morning and see all that comment love :)

I know you SITS ladies have been so busy lately. But you have 36 Welcomistas cruising new blogs. Why not pass the Saucy torch onto us until you free up some time? We could choose from the new member lists and vote on who should be Saucy for the week.

So anyhoo - Heather and Tiffany - Is this idea "saucy" enough for ya? :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hey Girls!

I've got lots of new SITStas!!!

I'll list them the way Not So Mom-a-licious did, as you seemed to like them broken down....

Here we go:

Thanks girls!

If you are not following SITS on twitter, please do- I would love to get some conversations going- feel like I am all alone out there....

Again, thank you so much for all you do!!!!


Friday, April 3, 2009

The opposite of Old? NEW!

Since you all are as addicted to doing this as I am, here are some more! I did them in small groups and I listed 20. Thought this would get everyone through the weekend. Not sure what the right number of links to post is..10, 15, 20?

Loving Every Second
Randel's Wife... Charmaine's Life
Life, One Layout at a Time
The Thrifty Trendsetter
Our Story

Meme Love ( a little deep? dark? unique? just so ya know)
Chopped Salad
The Mitchell Family
Makeup Theory Workshops
Stuff I Think About...

like a hamster on a wheel
Oh That Is So Gay!
Marvelous Mason's
Uncovering Food

The Path Less Traveled
E.A.D. Designs
Mommy Ramblings
At the Porch Swing
Naturally Curly, Naturally Fabulous

Have a Great Weekend!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New List of New Followers

Hello Everyone! I've been give the opportunity to help out the girls by posting a current list of Newbies! All of these ladies are so excited about joining. So warm up those typing fingers!

Since it has been a little over a week, I am going to post all of the links in this post. Hit up as many as you can.

The Mommy Dish

Jitters & Twitters

Through My Eyes

La Plates Blog (I didn't see a button, may need to add one.)

Stir Crazy in the Suburbs

Ellie's Stamp Garden

Crazyland:Tales from the Motherboard (Also needs a button)

Happy House of Haas

Love, Actually

Modest Gal Creations

Chaotic Flower Pot


Mama Bearz

Chronicles of the Unconventional Couple

Goats in the Garden

Sheliece and the Girls

Be Careful What You Wish For

From a Vineyard Garden

Escape Suburbia

The Uniblog

There you have it.

I tried to check for the SITS button. Some didn't have it. If someone would give a little reminder to add it that would be appreciated. As hard as Tiffany and Heather work at this site, it seems only fair to for them to get a little sidebar love!

Thank you
Janah (or So Not Mom-a-licious)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Are we the ones who will listen?

Hey Gang, I wouldn't normally use this blog for this.. BUT I was so moved that I just KNEW I had to do something and to be honest I trust you girlies and have great hope that you'll feel like I do.

I don't know if any of you caught ABC News's report on the Pomona, CA high school students who's teacher produced a video titled "Is anybody listening" See it here for some reason I couldn't get it to upload

It's heart breaking! And to add to the sadness I bet there are thousands of kids feeling the same way all over the country these days. I was especially touched by Chris. Maybe because he is around my oldest son's age. Or the fact that he cares so deeply for his siblings (one of whom has downs syndrome). Or that he let all the bravado of a teen aged boy drop and cried from his heart without reservation. I was touched by them all but even as I write here Chris's eyes come to mind and I still tear up.

I've been put in contact with his teacher and the school principle. I'd like to do something for this family and Mr.Steinman assures me that he'll personally make sure Chris and his family get whatever I can send them. I can't do much by myself but I think maybe if we brainstorm we might be able to do more together. Now I understand that times are hard and asking for donations is hard to. There is also that distrust that what you give will go where it is needed. I have those fears too. But I can't let the fear win this time. Oh, it helps that my brother is a police detective in CA and assures me he can check everybody out (the cynic in me lives!).

Now I don't know what I'm gonna do BUT I DO KNOW you are a creative and caring bunch and you'll give me some ideas.. right now that's all I'm asking. So let me know, what do you think? am I crazy, just a sap? Should I send a money order or things like Target cards? I plan to send a copy of the book I'm writing about saving money (think how to for a Woo Hoo box of your own).

Thanks for letting me reach out and for being the best bunch of total strangers, sitting anonymously behind computer monitors, in cities far away... that I've ever "known"!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hiya Chicas!

Hope you are all off to a fabulous week!

I just love Spring in So Cal... just gorgeous.

Anyhoo, we've got so many newbies, I am losing my mind and so grateful you all feel SITS is worth the extra time to welcome these ladies!!!

I am just going to do one list today and another one this weekend.

Maybe I got these all linked right?  

Thanks so much ladies!!!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh my!

Fist of all, Heather is asking those of you who have not been featured to email her the 3 links you want featured: She will get back to you with your day!

Well, to say that Spring Fling was a success is an understatement- over 150 new followers in 24 hours!

So, I was thinking to get through them faster I am going to do 2 lists. If you last name starts with A-L please comment on list 1. If your last name starts with M-Z please comment on list 2.

{If you want to do the all, of course you are welcome to.}

Please comment on this post and tell me which list you are tackling.

Girls, you are such an integral part of SITS success. Thank you so much for your energy, enthusiasm and commitment to our community. With all the drama that goes on in the blogosphere, we are so lucky to have a group of women who sincerely support one another.


List 1
Rylee for Life
Lady Sunflower
Katamommy Damacy
Polka Dots and Picket Fences
Fine Family
Hospitable Pursuits
Miss Gina Designs
Small Town Girl
Meddling in the Affairs of Dragons
The Happenings
The Greenhouse
The Holbrooks
Nickanny Creations
The Divine Miss Mommy
Karren's Blog

List 2
The House of Fowler
Brea's Mommy
Knittin' Peace
Airing My Dirty Laundry One Sock at a Time
Art Spectrum
OZ Girl's Pic-a-day Spot
Turtle Trax Too
Welcoming Spirit
Life of a PTSD's Spouse
My Soap Opera Life
Fire Fly Shop
Creating Cupcakes
According to Ashley
Life As We Know It
Owen's Mummy
Two of A Kind Working on a Full House

So these newbies were all before Spring Fling.. meaning there is a ton more to come....

Thank you!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

I am back!

Hi Ladies!

Back from the Fishful Thinking Symposium in NY... it was INCREDIBLE.

Mamarazzi is also on the panel of 10, and it was so great to meet her... she as is fun and bright IRL as you would've expected.

If any of you really think the Fishful Thinking message is important, you might consider being an ambassador. They want a community of moms who will have a space to communicate on the site and spread the word. Let me know if you are interested. {While these positions are not compensated, they are going to be doing giveaways. If you are interested in being noticed by PR firms, it couldn't hurt to be seen on the portal either.}

SITS is now on twitter SITSGirls, so follow us if you aren't as I will twitter about welcomistas.

Now on to the newbies....

The Kent Chronicles


Thoughts by Dena

Flitter Flatters


Sugar on Top

Browning Dirt

A Simple Kind of Life

Sogkonnite Living

Vegetarian Mama

Sex Education's Perfect Example

Love, Laughter and Lyrics

Funky Bag Freak

Francesca asked if you guys should "re-visit" the newbies... totally your choice.

Heather and I are increasing the responses we give to comments, as we want to be very accessible as the audience grows.

There are more newbies from last week, and even more will join on Tuesday, so I will post again on Wed.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am getting good with these titles, eh?

Thank you all so much for checking in!

Heather has been by and is working to get you all featured in the coming weeks...

You totally deserve some serious comment loving.

We are going to be posting the cruise info this week, and see how it goes. If anyone has other ideas for a retreat type location, we'd love to hear about it.

Here are some more new blogs!

Eighty MPH Mom

Little Pink trying to Swim in a Seas of Blue.

A Little Bit of Kooky

Love ya, Mean it!

The Blah Blah Blahger

Seeryous Mama

Aunt Rene

K.Mac Creations

Spit Sisters

Welcome to My Journey

Did you guys see we hit 400 comments yesterday? So much is that is because of you!


Monday, March 2, 2009

SIWENBE {scramblered}

Hi Girls!

I want to get an accurate account of who is actually participating regularly, as Heather and I want to make sure we get you guys get preferential treatment in all things SITS.

So, please comment below, just letting me know that you do indeed come by and please let me know if your blog HAS NOT been featured yet.  Also please include if you are seriously considering the cruise we mentioned.  {It will be out of Long Beach, CA in March 2010 and the price with taxes, fees and gratuities will be around $350.  Carnival is throwing in $25 per person shipboard credit and a cocktail party for our group}.  

Onto the new blogs- it's a lot, but we are getting behind... visit what you can, no pressure.

Thanks, Chicas!


Friday, February 27, 2009

Bies who are New.


You guys are so sweet offering donations!  I don't know, I just wouldn't feel right asking.

We'll just keep pushing our site to get more ads... ideally, we want a sponsor..... a corporation who gets the whole blog.... like, "The Secret is in the Sauce" brought to you by Kraft.

They would pay us loads of money and we would give away the most fabulous prizes.

Ah, I have big dreams people.  Big Dreams.  

Any of you work in PR?  We really need some expert direction.  

Enough about my delusions of grandeur, onto the newbies.

As usual more to come... we are on a hot streak right now... WOO-HOO!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I hate adsense!

Google just disabled my account for "invalid clicking".... and guess what?

The $280 that SITS had earned?  GONE.

I am livid right now!

Not only did those ads get clicked on, they received 1,000 of impressions.

I am done clicking girls.... I am officially boycotting adsense.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


See backwards.. pretty clever, right?

Hope you are all of a great week!

Heather and I just got a bunch of super cute business cards for SITS, we are going to be leaving around at the car wash, dentist office, or giving to bloggers we meet at the park.

If any of you would like some, email me your address and I'll send some to you!

As always, thanks for the ad clicking!!!!

Now, on to the newbies!

Handbags and Handguns

The Princess and The Monkey

Jean Stockdale (Christian Speaker)

A Giveaway Addicted Mommy

Sacred Space of our Hearts


The Adventures Of Heather

The Cunningham Report

The Story of Us

Confessions of An Over-Caffeinated Housewife

My New 30

The Good The Bad and the Beautiful

There are so many more to come.... ah-yah-yah.


Friday, February 20, 2009


I wonder how many creative titles can come up with to tell you there are newbies?

And, how many ways can I say thank you for taking time to make SITS a success?

Seriously, you ladies are amazing.

I have been super busy with work, so my clicking your ads slowed the past few days, but I am back on it this week, Em has been made an administrator and will be getting our blog roll up.. Thank you!!!!

So, here you go:

Ponderosa Jr.

2 Sets of Twins

Confetti Chronicles

Knitten' Peace



Truth is Better Than Fiction

Life with Liane

Miss Goodie 2 Shoes

Kaylyn..You Are My Sunshine

Love My 2 Dogs

More to come in a few days.

Thanks girls~

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Welcoming!

*Please do not post anything new until 2/20 so this stay at the top.

First of all, you guys ROCK.

I cannot tell you the difference your welcoming is making in the number of newbies who are now roll calling regularly!

And, the ad clicking is TOTALLY working, so keep it up and we will make it to that DSLR!!!

Onto some new SITStas:

My Bella Figlia (minor profanity)

There is more too come... trying to spread them out!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog address update

Hello All-
In all fairness to our newbies... There was a blog address listed incorrectly on the list.

Dana's blog was listed under fillinthecake.blogspot. She has let me know that that is not her daily blog. She said she hid that one in her profile.

Here is her daily blog . Composing Hallelujahs.

She said she just joined last week and already loves it! Kudos to Heather and Tiffany as always!

So if we leave comment love, leave it on this site.

Thank you

P.S. Julia at Our Simple Life, was trying to get her new Blog The Apron Goddesses some newbie love. Her daily blog was already listed. Kind of the reverse situation as above. It's a really cute site!

I'm Back

Hi Welcomistas!
I've been MIA for a few days. I see we have a ton of new bloggers to welcome. Yippee!!
It's been difficult for me to hit all the newbies, all the welcomistas and then still hit SITS everyday, but I am working on creating a schedule so that I can put everyone in rotation. My goal is to hit all of the welcomistas at least once a week. I'll hit the newbies once and if I like what I see I'll work them in as well. Of course I try to hit SITS and the featured blogger's three posts daily. Whew! And now I have to remember to click some ads as well....okay, okay...I can do this!!

FYI, I wanted to let you ladies know that I blog at Because I was invited to this blog using my gmail address, it automatically attached to my blogspot blog. I don't know how to update my Blogger profile to show that my real blog is over at wordpress, so I've decided to move some of my posts over to blogger. Just in case you clicked on my name and found this shell of a blog at blogspot, now you know where my bloggy home is ;)
I am currently on a 7 day vacation with my two young children and hubby had to back out at the last minute because of work (good times...not!). I'll be attempting to blog about it daily on blogspot.
So I guess the bottom line is find my entire blog at wordpress or stay tuned as I update blogspot.
It's so great to be on the team with you ladies!
Renee' aka Sapphire

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Girls!

To answer some of Lisa's questions below, Heather and I started our giveaways with our own $$$. More recently, as you have noticed, SITS was given a vacuum donated by Bissell and the coffee thing from Keurig (they also gave Heather a free one... why didn't I ask Bissell for a vacuum?)

Saturday Spotlight prizes are also donated/

Anyway, we use the money from the ads for the prizes... SO please click SITS!!!

Is there anyone out there who wants to be in charge of creating and maintaining our blog roll?

I will make you an admin, and you can enter all the blogs of the welcomistas so we can visit when they are updated.

To be fair, I will probably delete any welcomistas that haven't done any welcoming in a few weeks, as this blog is specifically for those who do the welcoming.. and I am hitting on these links too, so a big thank you to those of you who have taken the time...I see you there!

I am going to add a feedburner field so that you can subscribe by email.

Now for some Newbies- we've got a ton, but I am going to spread them out a bit, so here's a batch!

Let's get that blogroll up, and we can start clicking each other ads.. if we each clicked on one anther's ads, we could all stand to make $60 or $70 per month!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hey Gals!

Ok, you convinced me. I just added AdWords to my site ;) Please send me some clicky love ;) I'll keep clicking yours as well.

One quick question...Why can't I add this blog to my google reader? It would make it so much easier for me to log in and get the links. Is it because this is a private blog?

Also, I notice a lot of bloggers on here have a 100th post giveaway. How do you decide on your giveaway? Where do you get the items from? My 1000th post is coming up and I think I'd like to do a giveaway, myself!

Friday, February 13, 2009


I love this welcoming stuff!! It is so fun!! Hope everyone has a great weekend and wanted to let you all know that I have ads on my page now!!! Loving that too...another obsession that is all i need!! I'll show you click live , you show me some!!!

Help from the Wagonistas!

Hi fab Wagonista Friends!
It's been SO FUN visiting all of you and checking out the newbie SITStas!

Some of you know it's one of my lifetime goals to get a recipe published in a major magazine....

I'm entered in Mixing Bowl's "Calling All Cupcakes" Contest and am neck-and-neck with another baker to win $200 and get our recipe published. The winner is determined by number of votes on their website.

Will you go and vote for my Chili Cacao Mayan Cupcakes? Go here to vote you can vote once a day unti March 2nd!

Look for Chili Cacao Mayan Cupcakes (if you don't see them on the first or second page, click on the first page again and they magically show up. Weird, I know.) Thank you!! -Mandy

Hey Welcomistas!

I don't know about you but I'm LOVIN' this Welcome stuff.. YOU ALL seem to beat me to the punch but that's cool, I like gettin' in the last word (ha ha). I wanted to let you all know I just had a FAB guest blogger today and I'm giving away a Sephora card to go with the post.. she is a fashion and beauty insider and her advice is GREAT.. PLEASE stop by gang, put your name into the hat.. and if you can, shout out about it for me. I'm hoping to get a big giveaway from her employer, maybe if I'm too small time for it SITS could get it, I'm not sure I haven't really worked out anything, BUT traffic is key on this one. I'll owe ya big time..and I already heart you guys so that goes without saying.

Check it out here

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Wow. We have had like 200 new followers in the past week!

I am only forwarding those to you that commented on the welcome post, interested in participating. But, there are quite a few of those!

Thanks for clicking the ads {keep it up!}, I am getting to you guys as often as possible.. I run a large summer camp in Los Angeles, and enrollment just started. We fill within a day or two, so I am nuts right now grouping 800 campers!

Newbies: (This one is a friend of mine, so show her the love!) (This one is a bit edgier in content, your choice.) (As it's name states, this blog is very religious).

Thank you!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

More New SITStas

Hi Ladies!

This contest is bringing in all kinds of newbies and we'd love to get them to stick around.

Thank you to all of those who went commenting and to those who went clicking through the adsense on the SITS (and other!) site, we would love to eventually give away a Canon Rebel xti and/or a laptop, so keep the clicks coming!

Here is a list of new readers from this weekend.  If you missed the list on Friday, that is here.
I have also added a space at the top right which will archive all the posts that contained new blogs, so you can find them easily.

So this list is huge, I know.  Do not feel obligated to visit everyone, skip around if you'd like.
There won't usually be this many, it's the contest!