Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New List of New Followers

Hello Everyone! I've been give the opportunity to help out the girls by posting a current list of Newbies! All of these ladies are so excited about joining. So warm up those typing fingers!

Since it has been a little over a week, I am going to post all of the links in this post. Hit up as many as you can.

The Mommy Dish

Jitters & Twitters

Through My Eyes

La Plates Blog (I didn't see a button, may need to add one.)

Stir Crazy in the Suburbs

Ellie's Stamp Garden

Crazyland:Tales from the Motherboard (Also needs a button)

Happy House of Haas

Love, Actually

Modest Gal Creations

Chaotic Flower Pot


Mama Bearz

Chronicles of the Unconventional Couple

Goats in the Garden

Sheliece and the Girls

Be Careful What You Wish For

From a Vineyard Garden

Escape Suburbia

The Uniblog

There you have it.

I tried to check for the SITS button. Some didn't have it. If someone would give a little reminder to add it that would be appreciated. As hard as Tiffany and Heather work at this site, it seems only fair to for them to get a little sidebar love!

Thank you
Janah (or So Not Mom-a-licious)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Are we the ones who will listen?

Hey Gang, I wouldn't normally use this blog for this.. BUT I was so moved that I just KNEW I had to do something and to be honest I trust you girlies and have great hope that you'll feel like I do.

I don't know if any of you caught ABC News's report on the Pomona, CA high school students who's teacher produced a video titled "Is anybody listening" See it here for some reason I couldn't get it to upload

It's heart breaking! And to add to the sadness I bet there are thousands of kids feeling the same way all over the country these days. I was especially touched by Chris. Maybe because he is around my oldest son's age. Or the fact that he cares so deeply for his siblings (one of whom has downs syndrome). Or that he let all the bravado of a teen aged boy drop and cried from his heart without reservation. I was touched by them all but even as I write here Chris's eyes come to mind and I still tear up.

I've been put in contact with his teacher and the school principle. I'd like to do something for this family and Mr.Steinman assures me that he'll personally make sure Chris and his family get whatever I can send them. I can't do much by myself but I think maybe if we brainstorm we might be able to do more together. Now I understand that times are hard and asking for donations is hard to. There is also that distrust that what you give will go where it is needed. I have those fears too. But I can't let the fear win this time. Oh, it helps that my brother is a police detective in CA and assures me he can check everybody out (the cynic in me lives!).

Now I don't know what I'm gonna do BUT I DO KNOW you are a creative and caring bunch and you'll give me some ideas.. right now that's all I'm asking. So let me know, what do you think? am I crazy, just a sap? Should I send a money order or things like Target cards? I plan to send a copy of the book I'm writing about saving money (think how to for a Woo Hoo box of your own).

Thanks for letting me reach out and for being the best bunch of total strangers, sitting anonymously behind computer monitors, in cities far away... that I've ever "known"!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hiya Chicas!

Hope you are all off to a fabulous week!

I just love Spring in So Cal... just gorgeous.

Anyhoo, we've got so many newbies, I am losing my mind and so grateful you all feel SITS is worth the extra time to welcome these ladies!!!

I am just going to do one list today and another one this weekend.

Maybe I got these all linked right?  

Thanks so much ladies!!!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh my!

Fist of all, Heather is asking those of you who have not been featured to email her the 3 links you want featured: secretinthesauce1@gmail.com. She will get back to you with your day!

Well, to say that Spring Fling was a success is an understatement- over 150 new followers in 24 hours!

So, I was thinking to get through them faster I am going to do 2 lists. If you last name starts with A-L please comment on list 1. If your last name starts with M-Z please comment on list 2.

{If you want to do the all, of course you are welcome to.}

Please comment on this post and tell me which list you are tackling.

Girls, you are such an integral part of SITS success. Thank you so much for your energy, enthusiasm and commitment to our community. With all the drama that goes on in the blogosphere, we are so lucky to have a group of women who sincerely support one another.


List 1
Rylee for Life
Lady Sunflower
Katamommy Damacy
Polka Dots and Picket Fences
Fine Family
Hospitable Pursuits
Miss Gina Designs
Small Town Girl
Meddling in the Affairs of Dragons
The Happenings
The Greenhouse
The Holbrooks
Nickanny Creations
The Divine Miss Mommy
Karren's Blog

List 2
The House of Fowler
Brea's Mommy
Knittin' Peace
Airing My Dirty Laundry One Sock at a Time
Art Spectrum
OZ Girl's Pic-a-day Spot
Turtle Trax Too
Welcoming Spirit
Life of a PTSD's Spouse
My Soap Opera Life
Fire Fly Shop
Creating Cupcakes
According to Ashley
Life As We Know It
Owen's Mummy
Two of A Kind Working on a Full House

So these newbies were all before Spring Fling.. meaning there is a ton more to come....

Thank you!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

I am back!

Hi Ladies!

Back from the Fishful Thinking Symposium in NY... it was INCREDIBLE.

Mamarazzi is also on the panel of 10, and it was so great to meet her... she as is fun and bright IRL as you would've expected.

If any of you really think the Fishful Thinking message is important, you might consider being an ambassador. They want a community of moms who will have a space to communicate on the site and spread the word. Let me know if you are interested. {While these positions are not compensated, they are going to be doing giveaways. If you are interested in being noticed by PR firms, it couldn't hurt to be seen on the portal either.}

SITS is now on twitter SITSGirls, so follow us if you aren't as I will twitter about welcomistas.

Now on to the newbies....

The Kent Chronicles


Thoughts by Dena

Flitter Flatters


Sugar on Top

Browning Dirt

A Simple Kind of Life

Sogkonnite Living

Vegetarian Mama

Sex Education's Perfect Example

Love, Laughter and Lyrics

Funky Bag Freak

Francesca asked if you guys should "re-visit" the newbies... totally your choice.

Heather and I are increasing the responses we give to comments, as we want to be very accessible as the audience grows.

There are more newbies from last week, and even more will join on Tuesday, so I will post again on Wed.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am getting good with these titles, eh?

Thank you all so much for checking in!

Heather has been by and is working to get you all featured in the coming weeks...

You totally deserve some serious comment loving.

We are going to be posting the cruise info this week, and see how it goes. If anyone has other ideas for a retreat type location, we'd love to hear about it.

Here are some more new blogs!

Eighty MPH Mom

Little Pink trying to Swim in a Seas of Blue.

A Little Bit of Kooky

Love ya, Mean it!

The Blah Blah Blahger

Seeryous Mama

Aunt Rene

K.Mac Creations

Spit Sisters

Welcome to My Journey

Did you guys see we hit 400 comments yesterday? So much is that is because of you!


Monday, March 2, 2009

SIWENBE {scramblered}

Hi Girls!

I want to get an accurate account of who is actually participating regularly, as Heather and I want to make sure we get you guys get preferential treatment in all things SITS.

So, please comment below, just letting me know that you do indeed come by and please let me know if your blog HAS NOT been featured yet.  Also please include if you are seriously considering the cruise we mentioned.  {It will be out of Long Beach, CA in March 2010 and the price with taxes, fees and gratuities will be around $350.  Carnival is throwing in $25 per person shipboard credit and a cocktail party for our group}.  

Onto the new blogs- it's a lot, but we are getting behind... visit what you can, no pressure.

Thanks, Chicas!