Friday, April 24, 2009

Saucy Blogs...

I've noticed Saucy Blogs have been absent from the Weekly fun over at SITS. I remember how SOOOOOOOOO DARNED EXCITED I was to be a Saucy blog! It was refreshing to wake up in the morning and see all that comment love :)

I know you SITS ladies have been so busy lately. But you have 36 Welcomistas cruising new blogs. Why not pass the Saucy torch onto us until you free up some time? We could choose from the new member lists and vote on who should be Saucy for the week.

So anyhoo - Heather and Tiffany - Is this idea "saucy" enough for ya? :)


StampinMom said...

Oh yeah, where did those saucy blogs go, tee hee? It's been so crazy lately...for everyone, whew!

Jamie :-)

SITS Girls said...

Hey Tamara,

Yes, Heather and I are quite busy, now that the auction os over, we will start posting them again.

We actually choose blogs from Roll Call, but I will keep these in mind.


Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Oh good! I really missed the saucy blogs! Will be happy to see them up! I will never forget my saucy day!!!

Thanks for all you do :)

Donnetta said...

Ohhh, to be Saucy... :)