Sunday, June 14, 2009

More To Welcome!

Please welcome some more fine bloggers. There are 21 this week. Thanks for all your help.

Creative Home Expressions
It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy
Third Time's A Charm
Stitch N' Love
The Lotus Pages

Teeny Boppers
Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports
Healing Touch
Serenity Now
The Non-Domestic Goddess

The Ashdown Bloggin' Blogger Blog
The Bee Dot
Fashion Champagne
More Than An (Army) Wife
We 5 Kings

Domestic Urbanite
Avon Calling
Tales from the Bum Bum Patch
Heck of A Bunch

Welcome also to our new Welcomistas! Glad you signed up and are getting involved....


Martha said...

Good Morning from Los Angeles, I think I will start in the middle of the list to mix it up. Thanks!

DiPaola Momma said...

since I got my vacay posts done early I'll work on this week AND lasts weeks newbies.. don't forget to stop by for my many daily giveaways and guest posts while I'm out. Welcomistas rock!

Julie said...

I think I made it through...yay!

Anonymous said...

oh boy oh boy...newbies newbies newbies, they are everywhere!

Jamie :)

Noah's Mommy said...

it's an explosion of newbies....I'm off to welcome them in......we'll see how long it takes

Two Pretty Little Skirts said...

Finished welcoming the new ladies ;)
Hope everyone has a great week!


sandy said...

All done:0)

Brandy said...

Mission complete.

Em said...

Shazam! Last week's and this week's, finally.

Now I have to go pry the kids off the Wii, like a good mama. Wish me luck. Em

Mommyof2girlz said...

Oops my comment didn't hit yesterday morning. All done :)

Joy said...

All done, all in one sitting. So proud of myself. :o)

Taryn said...

Hi Darlings! Hope everyone is doing well.
I just got back from my mini vacation yesterday, so I apologize for any delay in responding to this post.
I am off to welcome these wonderful ladies to the SITStahood. Sounds like a great group. Can't wait to check it out.

Have a wonderful day!


Cammie said...

I was on vaca last week but Im back! Getting started on these now!

Cindy said...

All done!

Aubrey said...

Sandy is such a show off! And Cindy too. LOL Geesh!

I'm hitting the sack but will get to these fine new SITStas in the a.m.

YAY for new Welcomistas!

Taryn said...

It's me again! ;) I had to take this one in two day increments! We have some FANTASTIC new gals on board, don't we?
I really wanted to stop by again to also welcome the new WELCOMISTAS! I am so proud to see SITS grow like this!!!
Hugs -


Valerie said...

Done, done and done!! So happy when I get to do them all in one sitting.

Anonymous said...

A little late this week - but done.

Welcome to all the new welcomistas!

Jen said...

i have spread the welcomes

Mercedes said...

For some reason my reading list didn't update. So I am late sorry. Off to welcome the newbies. Have a great day!

Cammie said...


Aubrey said...

Woot woot! Woot woot!

I'm done! Caught up!

Woot WOOT!

Lisa M said...

got them done. late. oh well. i look at it this way, if i'm commenting late, then the new SITSta's are getting some residual comments instead of getting them all in one day :)

Joy said...

"Drawing Closer To Him" blog has been removed...anyone know any details? Like maybe she's at a different blog address now?