Sunday, November 22, 2009

New SITSta's

Thanks to everyone for volunteering to take over the duties of posting lists for a month. I was thinking that I will just keep it up through the holidays. Then Sandy can start in January and we will just continue from there. If at any point anyone wants to be added to the rotation or taken off just let me know.

So now, onto the new SITStas. There are some really cool SITSta's in here so lets give them a great big welcome!

Happily at Home
Sincerely, Jenni
Wee Sally Therapeutic Massage
Live, Love, Eat Ice Cream

Salsa Pie
Laurnie's Life
Happy Head Bows
Mrs. Chun LeRoy's Tiny Apartment
Viva Frugality

The Inquisitive Mom
be blessed!
Things I Can't Say
Creations by Lanie
Mommy Matters


it's only life
A Boy, A Girl, and Soccer
The Bormann Twins
creatice spayce

Thank everyone and hope you have a great week.
And get better soon, Mamarazzi! You are in our thoughts and prayers.


sandy said...

Sounds great Jen! I'll come back and welcome these newbies this afternoon!

sandy said...

Finished! Have a great week!

greedygrace said...

Done! Happy Thanksgiving!

carma said...

Complete! Hi fellow Welcomistas :-)

Aubrey said...

Hey Ladies!!

I'm back after a much to loooong hiatus! Can't wait to jump back into my Welcomista role!

Here I go!

Mandy said...

All our best thoughts/prayers to Mamarazzi!!

The Mom @ Babes in Hairland said...

Done! I wasn't able to comment on Wee Sally Therapeutic Massage - it wanted me to log in or something. Have a great Thanksgiving ladies.
Oh, and is there any way to get added to the lists in the right column?! :)

Brandy said...

Working on them...

Brandy said...

Done! Have a good week ladies!

Joy said...

Gosh I just saw this new list. I will attend to it tomorrow.

Jen said...

They have been welcome by me. Just in time for a new list tomorrow.

Joy said...

"Happily At Home"'s word verification box seems to be broken.

Joy said...

all done!

Em said...

Finally done - off to do this week's...