Monday, March 2, 2009

SIWENBE {scramblered}

Hi Girls!

I want to get an accurate account of who is actually participating regularly, as Heather and I want to make sure we get you guys get preferential treatment in all things SITS.

So, please comment below, just letting me know that you do indeed come by and please let me know if your blog HAS NOT been featured yet.  Also please include if you are seriously considering the cruise we mentioned.  {It will be out of Long Beach, CA in March 2010 and the price with taxes, fees and gratuities will be around $350.  Carnival is throwing in $25 per person shipboard credit and a cocktail party for our group}.  

Onto the new blogs- it's a lot, but we are getting behind... visit what you can, no pressure.

Thanks, Chicas!



Ann On and On... said...

Thanks Ladies.... I am going to start another giveaway this Friday and my "I love being carded!" card swap is starting very soon. New swappers are always welcome.

Off to meet and greet! (This is so much fun, great idea....)

Ritch in Love said...

Hi! I'm officially here. Any day I'm not flying the friendly skies (I usually work weekends) I'll be stopping by!

Mamarazzi said...

i am totally IN...with welcoming, with cruising with all things SITS! 100% i am a SITSta...and please let me know if you two need extra help. I am here...seriously!

off to say hello to our newbies!

OH and hey, are y'all following my blog yet? I am drawing exclusively from my list of followers every month for fun prizes...just for following...i know, am i awesome or what?!

sandy said...

I'm here and love welcoming the newcomers:0) I have met a lot of great bloggers!

Neither of my blogs have been featured yet.

I wish I could say yes to the cruise, but we are just starting to remodel our 100year+ home. I don't think I will have the funds:0(

Thank you!

Rachael said...

i'm here + have visited every blog you have posted to welcome them, except one which i couldn't load for some reason. but, i tried!

i haven't been featured on SITS.

planning on participating in the spring fling and i am hosting giveaways to raise money for the march of dimes throughout march + april (still working on the structure).

i want to go on the cruise, definitely, just not sure if i can gather the funds + a sitter.

Noah's Mommy said...

I'm here....come by almost every day....I also haven't been featured yet...but with a bizillion awesome SITstas and BITS...totally understandable....

I'm totally excited about spring fling....and the cruise sounds amazing....but a little far for me....if I was still in Phx...I would so be there....

Eudea-Mamia said...

Howdy and Good Morning! I'm here - it's really been great cruising the blogosphere checking out new places. The number just blows my mind.

As far as the cruise, I have to say no I probably won't be able to make it. Regretfully so.

I haven't been featured yet, but I'm already on the list - patiently waiting!!

(started the list - I think Mama's Happy Hour might be linked wrong :-) I get Ellebows twice.

To everyone - please let me know if you're not on the blogroll!!

Good Tuesday to all - Em

Brandy said...

Let's see...I drop in pretty much everyday, even if there isn't a new post so that I can check out our blogroll.

I haven't been featured. :[

I am 100% serious about going on a cruise. Provided that someone would hold my hand on the airplane. :]

Now off to do my duty...

The Rambler said...

I'm here...(waving hand).

Not featured yet.

Off to welcome the Newbies :)

AP said...

I am here and faithfully check out teh newbies and comment and daily check the blog roll and comment on who I can over there.
Finishing up a give-away on my blog on wed (post title Just Because)
and am excited about spring fling.

I have not been featured

and can't do cruise, saving up money for some missions trips

ok going to welcome some newbies, half list now other half tonight when kiddos are in bed

Anonymous said...

Hi - I do come by and I welcome them all.

My blog has not been featured yet (but I haven't actually submitted it yet - I was planning to do that this week).

I don't think I can do the cruise - I'm a east coaster with a small kid. I'll try to welcome this ones tonight.

angi_b72 said...

I am a to start checking out these newbies now!!

I have not been featured

I am seriously contemplating the cruise...would really really love to do it

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

I drop by pretty much daily to look for SIWENBEs and to check out the blog roll. I'm really enjoying the welcoming duties!

No, I've never been featured and I don't think I could make the cruise. :(

Will start visiting these new blogs in the morning.

Jen said...

I am here doing the welcome thing. I have been featured but if you run out of features (yeah right) you can feature me again. ;)

I LOVE SITS and support it in all the ways that I can. I make the new welcoming rounds when I can.

I love the cruise idea and totally want to go if money and child care are available.

Brandy said...

I think that Mama's Happy Hour is linked to another blog...or is it just me?!

I finally finished the list...well except for that one. :]

greedygrace said...

I would probably have to pass on the cruise. Hubby fears my love of blogging. He worries that you are all secretly sexual predators!

I've been "saucy," but I've never been featured, but I haven't requested to be featured yet, either. If I ever write three posts that I REALLY love, I'll request it!

Off to spread love now!

Anonymous said...

I am still here! This last week has been hard for me so I wasn't able to welcome anyone!But, I will still be going back to say hi!

Don't give up on me. I just had to take a smal hiatus. This has been so much fun to do. And I feel like I am making a good impression for the site (fingers crossed, at least I hope I am!).

You'll be seeing me around more soon!

Julie said...

Hi...I'm here :)

Aubrey said...

Hello All! I'm here! I am slightly behind as I was out of town visiting my sister for a few days! I have the last 2 posts of newbies to catch up on but am on it!!

I have not been featured yet but would love to be someday!

Also, I am SO IN on the cruise. Sounds like it would be so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

Hello!!! I'm here! I welcome the newbies and try to hit my welcomSITStas!!!
Thanks to all the welcomistas that come by and give me comment luuuuuv!!!!
Cruise..I would love to, but can't commit right now.
I haven't been featured, but haven't submitted myself either. My blog is very custom design AND I don't even have 20 posts yet. I will submit myself soon.
I loooove preferential treatment ;)

DiPaola Momma said...

I noticed the same thing about Mama's Happy Hour.

I'm all for the cruise, I'll start planning what to do with the DH and my 4 kiddes NOW:-) Maybe my blog will take off and I can write the cruise off as a business expense.. ha ha!

Nope I've not been featured, but that's cool it's not all about me (as I remind myself daily, he he). I'm totally stoked for the Spring Fling though!!! Off to welcome some more Knu-B-HEEZ!

Lisa M said...

I'm checking in at least every other day if not every day.
I would love to go on the cruise, but it will depend on if i can get cheap airfare, as i'm in MA.
I have not been featured, but I have sent in a request, so you have my info when the time comes :)
I've got some goods for the Spring Fling..
I also have a question.. what is the "My blog is saucy" button for? I see it on a few sites here and there.

I'm off to visit the siwenbe! :)

Amanda in GA said...

I come by but not as much as I would like several times a week. I am super busy right now but my life is not always this crazy.

I would love to spend time with the both of you but I won't even go on a cruise with my hubby. I love the water and I love boats but I hate big crowds and being in a space that I can't leave :( sorry.

I think SITS looks great! Love the new look

Lisa M said...

I also couldn't get Mama's Happy Hour :)

I also love the SITS new look, but just a tiny bit of constructive criticism...

I have my monitor set to 1024x768 but the SITS page is too big and pulls up the bottom(horizontal) scroll bar. Just thought you'd like to know (in case your screen size is bigger or wider)

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Hey, ladies,

I am popping by this site everyday and trying to visit as many newbies as I can. I usually do a bulk of my commenting towards the end of the week and on weekends, so anyone I may have missed thus far I will definitely be catching up with over the next few days.

Our blog has not actually been "featured", but you gave us plenty of love with Wenda.

Wow...the cruise is out of Long Beach? Nice! When would we need to make a deposit, etc? My husband's firm is downsizing, so I would need to get a better idea re $$ before I could officially commit.


PS: The new look to the SITS blog is beyond fabulous. Well done! It was definitely time for a make-over. I love it.

Jamie said...

Hey hey ladies, I'm still here...commenting away! I've tried to set out one night a week (at least) to catch up on welcoming all the newbies. This is so fun...I've came across some really cute blogs to follow.

I'm totally down for the cruise...although I'm hesitant to commit a year ahead of time with the 3 girlies always getting into something, hehe. But I would LOVE to come chill with my SITStas so I'll do everything I can to do just that. And anything that has 'COCKTAIL PARTY' in it must be attended ;-)

My blog has not been featured yet, but I'm sure loving all the FB's.

Love the new layout too! Good job with all that you two do for SITS, it's a wonderful community to be a part of. Thanks!!

Can't wait for Spring Fling!
Jamie :-)

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Yo Yo I am back! I missed out on my Welcomista duties while out of town. I think the cruise sounds great but I need to learn more about it. Super fab idea for sure!!

I've been saucy and that was so much fun! No features yet but I know my day will come, lol! In the meantime I have fun getting to know all these wonderful bloggy pals :)

Off to SITS now :p

Rhea said...

I'm a little behind...I'm just getting to this list. I'm still here though! Just trudging along at my own pace...

I've been featured before...but it was a LONG time ago...and you didn't have as many members then. It was during the slump. lol

Mandy said...

I'm checking in! I'm a little behind this week, we're painting the entire interior and exterior of our house!
The cruise sounds awesome but that is not a good time for us--we're in job transition right now.
I've been featured and it was one of the most fun days EVER!

Maggie R said...

Hi Everyone...
I'm here most nights. I was out of commission for awhile with the flu, but have pretty well welcomed all our newbies.. It is so much fun, especially when they send a message back.
No I have not been featured yet, I might add I will have random drawings for my followers from time to time Lots of fun. Now I am off to do the last list of newbies....
waving from rainy, cold, southern ontario, Canada

Maggie R said...

I meant to say in my previous post that having our own webpage is wonderful. Thanks very much for that bit of Love....;-}

3 Bay B Chicks said...