Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New List of New Followers

Hello Everyone! I've been give the opportunity to help out the girls by posting a current list of Newbies! All of these ladies are so excited about joining. So warm up those typing fingers!

Since it has been a little over a week, I am going to post all of the links in this post. Hit up as many as you can.

The Mommy Dish

Jitters & Twitters

Through My Eyes

La Plates Blog (I didn't see a button, may need to add one.)

Stir Crazy in the Suburbs

Ellie's Stamp Garden

Crazyland:Tales from the Motherboard (Also needs a button)

Happy House of Haas

Love, Actually

Modest Gal Creations

Chaotic Flower Pot


Mama Bearz

Chronicles of the Unconventional Couple

Goats in the Garden

Sheliece and the Girls

Be Careful What You Wish For

From a Vineyard Garden

Escape Suburbia

The Uniblog

There you have it.

I tried to check for the SITS button. Some didn't have it. If someone would give a little reminder to add it that would be appreciated. As hard as Tiffany and Heather work at this site, it seems only fair to for them to get a little sidebar love!

Thank you
Janah (or So Not Mom-a-licious)


sandy said...

Got through the list, although, La Plates blog has no where to leave comments and I was not able to comment on Mama Bearz and The Mommy Dish. I sent an e mail to The mommy Dish, but there was no email address for Mama Bearz.

Bring on some more, I am ready;0)

carma said...

I'm off comment!

Aubrey said...

Looks like a fun list! I'll work on this!

SITS Girls said...

Janah! Thank you so much for helping out- I am loving Vegas stress-free!

Thanks girls!


Ritch in Love said...

Keep em comin!

Julie said...

I just got home from work, will get a few before I go to bed.

Lisa M said...

I also couldn't find a place to comment on the La Plates Blog.

Mommy Dish and Mama Bearz comments aren't working properly, so I also sent an email welcoming Mommy Dish and went to Mama Bearz other blog to comment there.

Anonymous said...

I sent La Plates an email and asked her if she was interested in posting a button and opening up comments. Haven't heard anything. Also sent Mommy Dish an email and commented on M Bears other blog, even though it hasn't been updated in awhile. We'll figure it out! =)

Joy said...

Finished the list, although there were a couple that I wasn't able to comment on - same ones that others were having trouble with.

Lisa M said...

Crazyland said her SITS button is on her Haunts page of her blog..

Isn't the button supposed to be on the sidebar? Is it ok, as long as it's somewhere on the site?

Who is going to actually LOOK in the Haunts page?

Anonymous said...

What is a Haunts page? Now I'm going to have to go check it out. Because I'm nosey like that. And curious.

Anonymous said...

Hi ladies! Commented where I could (same problems as others.)

Bring it on!

StampinMom said...

Awesome list, hittin' em' up now! Tiffany, are you winning big yet? {just a little jealous over here, tee hee...Vegas is one of my fav places to play and relax}. Hope you enjoy it girl and don't forget us when you become a millionaire.
And thanks to Janah for helping out.

Jamie :-)

Noah's Mommy said...

alrighty....Wishing I was In Vegas...off to spread some SITS Love

Valerie said...

Got to everyone except Mamma Bearz.

Hope your having a great time in Vegas. I love it there.

Jen said...

Comment have been made by me.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Thanks for posting, Janah. Definitely keep the lists coming. I'll be finishing this one up today.


AP said...

ok done!! woo-hoo!! there were 3 that I could not leave a comment on, but other than that I got them all

Rhea said...

Yipes, I'm two lists behind! Time to CATCH UP! Sorry!!

Rhea said...

Ok, I finished this list! I wasn't able to comment on two blogs though...their comment forms were not working or non-existent...

Rachael said...

i got through this list too. i am finally caught up...woohoo!