Saturday, April 17, 2010

Welcoming Time

Here are the lists for this week!


Waisting Time
Call Me {Crafty} AL
Just sayin'
OC Fun Guide
Adventures of a Juggling Artist

WAHM Resource Site
Kibble 'n Dribble
Kerri's Klutter
Lots of Little Blessings
Sugarbumps Creations

Diaper Cakes
Now That I'm No Longer 25
Secret Mom Thoughts
Proud Tejana

Happy Little Homemaker
Irresistible Icing
6 Feet over
Pass the Sushi
Inich Like Spinach

Embraced Chaos
Singing Three Little Birds
My Inner Foodzilla
Hey! Lady Jane!


Third Time's a Charm
Country Blessings@Lakewood
Mel's Box of Chocolates
JB's Affordable Cooking Tips
Naughtee Bits

Joy in this Journey
Through the Eyes of a Stranger (A Welcomista)
Libby's Library News
Serene is my Name, Not My Life!
Bitty's Adventures (A Welcomista)

The Busy Chick
Heather J. Cuthbertson
Reading Teen
Sketches by Mary
Anonymous 8

Been There Bought That
Savings and Stewardship
365 days: 30+Mommyhood
Faith's Firm Foundation
Ribbons and Pigtails

The World I Know
Caffeinated Blessings
Ivy League Insecurities
Bucksome Boomer's Journey to Retirement

Thanks again for all you do amd have a great week ladies!


Just Lisa said...

Done with N-Z! Have a great week!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Done the A-Ms :) Hope everyone's enjoying their weekends x

~Melody @ 6 Feet Over~ said...

How fun is this! Thanks for listing me...I'm 6 Feet Over (not under) though. Not dead yet. hehehehe



Sandy said...

Sorry Melody! I think I was 6 feet under when I wrote this! LOL!

Shell said...

Done with N-Z!

Sadie said...

Wow, thank you for adding me to your list!!

Sadie at heyMamas

Ann On and On... said...

I'm working on these tonight!

Hey...if any of you would like to spread the word that I am doing a giveaway a day this week. I usually have low entries and would like to get more people this time around.

Thanks! I really appreciate it!

Martha said...

Thank you@

Anonymous said...

I completed the first list.

Susie said...

All done:-)

Just One Week said...

10 down on the N-Z list :)

Just One Week said...

N-Z is done :)

Mimi said...

Got 'em all! I'll be back later to catch up on last week's new blogs!