Monday, April 26, 2010

A New Batch of SITStas and a BITS!


Butts and Ashes
I'm Just That Way and That's Just Me
Michelle's Musings
Lady V dZine

Blissful Babble
Embraced Chaos
First Time Travels
Be Awesome Instead
Spilled Milk

I Got Wired
The Centsible Life

The Traveling Marshalls
Isagenix International
My Home and My Hips are Both Double Wide
My Cinderella Story

My World
Our Daze in the Desert
Vanilla Bean & Ers
The Wild Rasberry
5 Minutes Just for Me


My Real Review
Everyday Bliss
Cole's First Blog
A Not So Conventional Father (This one's a BITS-a brother in the sauce!!!)
Farming on Faith

It's Hammie Time
Mom Review Tampa Bay
The Perils of My Thirty Something Life
My Domestic Bliss
Car Camping Adventures For Families

Me and My Momma's Money
Shopping with M
Momsicle Vibe
Jewels of Hope
Lucky Star Lane

The Mommy Trials
Life as We Know It
From Chaos Comes Happiness
No Minimalist Here
Any Given Moment

Havoc and Mayhem
Two Daughters, a Husband, and a Minivan
Reading Rosie
A Modern Day Ricky and Lucy
They Call Me Mommy

That's all for now! Have a great week!



Erin said...

I needed a thinking-free activity! (or at least not work) And so I have already finished N-Z.

Have a good week everyone!

Just Lisa said...

finished n-z! Have a good week!

Shell said...

I have the last little group of n-z to do. Tomorrow. I'm going to bed early!

Shell said...


Rachel Cotterill said...

Done my A-Ms... I did *most* of them at the weekend but I needed a little longer to finish them off!

Susie said...

All done:-)

Susie said...

All done:-)

Mimi said...

Better late than never. I've completed this list & am on to the next!

Anonymous said...

I'm way behind on my lists, but I'm working on them today.

A-M is done.