Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm Back

Hi Welcomistas!
I've been MIA for a few days. I see we have a ton of new bloggers to welcome. Yippee!!
It's been difficult for me to hit all the newbies, all the welcomistas and then still hit SITS everyday, but I am working on creating a schedule so that I can put everyone in rotation. My goal is to hit all of the welcomistas at least once a week. I'll hit the newbies once and if I like what I see I'll work them in as well. Of course I try to hit SITS and the featured blogger's three posts daily. Whew! And now I have to remember to click some ads as well....okay, okay...I can do this!!

FYI, I wanted to let you ladies know that I blog at Because I was invited to this blog using my gmail address, it automatically attached to my blogspot blog. I don't know how to update my Blogger profile to show that my real blog is over at wordpress, so I've decided to move some of my posts over to blogger. Just in case you clicked on my name and found this shell of a blog at blogspot, now you know where my bloggy home is ;)
I am currently on a 7 day vacation with my two young children and hubby had to back out at the last minute because of work (good times...not!). I'll be attempting to blog about it daily on blogspot.
So I guess the bottom line is find my entire blog at wordpress or stay tuned as I update blogspot.
It's so great to be on the team with you ladies!
Renee' aka Sapphire

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DiPaola Momma said...

I did get the shell blog.. BUT it redirected me to your blog in all it's glory!

I'm trying to keep up too! DH claims I'm on the laptop 10 hours a day (SURE, if I was the kids would be starving, naked and running wild.. oh heck I'd better go check on them!).. I'm up over $50 in adsense now thanks mostly to YOU guys... SO when I hit the big-magic-they-cut-me-a-check $100 I'm gonna pay it forward to you guys in some form.. I've got to stew on it for a while.. THANKS!