Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Wow. We have had like 200 new followers in the past week!

I am only forwarding those to you that commented on the welcome post, interested in participating. But, there are quite a few of those!

Thanks for clicking the ads {keep it up!}, I am getting to you guys as often as possible.. I run a large summer camp in Los Angeles, and enrollment just started. We fill within a day or two, so I am nuts right now grouping 800 campers!



http://campmom67.blogspot.com/ (This one is a friend of mine, so show her the love!)

http://findingfairytales.blogspot.com (This one is a bit edgier in content, your choice.)






http://artofchristianity.blogspot.com/ (As it's name states, this blog is very religious).






Thank you!!!!


sandy said...

200 new followers?! That's amazing!

Anonymous said...

Done! I hit the "edgy" one, but skipped the religious one because I didn't want my sometimes naughty blog to be their intro to SITS!

Joy said...

Phew, all done!


AP said...

my friend just joined SITS, show her some love!!http://123comehomeschoolwithme.blogspot.com/

AP said...
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Brandy said...

I'm finally getting around to these...phew it's been an exhausting week.

I'm with K -skipping the religious one since I'm hosting a Vday giveaway that might not appeal to her. But all of you are welcome to stop by!!!

Rhea said...

So, I was four days behind schedule, but I visited all of them and left comments. It's so much fun welcoming people to SITS!

Jen said...

I finally have time to welcome these people. Just in time for more new people to come. Oh well, better late than never, right?

Brenda Jean said...

Howdy gals, catching up with this batch. I just figured I'd hit them all even if it's just one comment, but I've been trying to do a couple at each one.

Brenda Jean said...

Wooo-hooo just finished ALL of these while watching 50 First Dates!