Sunday, February 28, 2010

a day early

Amber's Life
Kitchen Koala
Sounds Like Tomatoes
Poor Mom
Growing Up Blackxican

Walk With Me
Lynne Marie
Your Virtual Assistant
Wendy Winn
Mama's A Mess

It's a Crazy World Out There
Momma Loves To Shop
Creating Comfort
Gasai Photography

25 And Counting
Life is God's Novel. Let Him Write It.
The Attic Girl
A for Effort B for Blog
The ABCs of Classic Film

(left off at #461)


Sandy said...

Alright, I am back on the Welcomista wagon! I'm all finished with these!

Have a great week!

Mommyof2girlz said...

All done :)

Martha said...

A day early is great. Thanks, Joy.

carma said...

finished :-)

Rachel Cotterill said...

Done :)

gamommy2two said...

My work hates blogs for some stupid reason, so I'll get on these the minute I get home tonight! So glad to be a Welcomista! said...

Alrighty! All done with my list...and happy to be a part of this! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I commented on all of these, but one. The first one is blocked at work. Lord only knows why!

Thanks for letting me be a Welcome SITSta. It was a great way to start off this dreary Monday.

Heather said...

Excited to be part of the Welcomistas! Thanks for letting me be a part. Just finished.
-Heather @

Queenie Jeannie said...

Okie Dokie, I did all these too! :D

Donnetta said...

All done!!

Sarah Ruth said...

SO excited about this!! Done with this list!!

Jen said...

I am working on this list! So happy to have all the new Welcomistas here! I makes my heart happy.

Dreamer said...

Thanks so MUCH for listing my blog here! I was overwhelmed with all the welcomes and it feels GREAT!!! this is definitely a great way for SITStahs to get to know each other and take a peek at each other's amazing blogs!

lotsa LOVE!! ^_^

Dreamer said...

btw, check out my friend's blog too!

she's also part of our SITStahood so be sure to shower her with LOVE!!

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I've finished as many of these as I can. For some reason the form that tells you to choose who you want to Comment as (Google Account, LiveJournal, etc.) won't accept my comments.

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

gamommy2two said...

I have finally made it through all of these! Lots of great blogs here!

Amber said...

finished this list!!! yay

Anonymous said...

I did it...I did it..I did it..yea!!!!

Finished the whole list =)


Kisha said...

Whoo hoo, took me awhile but I got them all!

Excited to be a new Welcomista!!!


erica said...

Just finished this list! Happy to help!

Tammy said...

Just finished the list! It was fun, and I think everyone was surprised to get so many comments.

Susie said...

All done:-)

Anonymous said...

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