Sunday, February 14, 2010

new SITStas: most with button, some without

Frosted Fingers
Red Green Lellow
Baygel Bites
Confessions of a Classy Lady
Maddycakes Muse

Love Me For Me
Divine Graffiti
Lazy D Dizzo's Life in the Fast Lane
Flip Flops and Air Force Boots
Wee Sally<--I didn't see the SITS button

Code Name Mama
Sweet as Punkin Pie
The Roubinek Reality
Not the Oxygen

Vivianne's Vista
Amber's Inner Mind Love<--I didn't see the SITS button here either
Adventures of a Military Family of 8 <--or here
Animal Outfitters <--buttonless
Positive Provocations

(note to self: left off at 399)


Em said...

Happy Valentines Day my ladies!!

It is with heavy heart that I have turned in my notice to lovely Tiffany. Life has taken a new dimension of its own, and being a good Welcomista is sadly not possible.

The wonderful links I have discovered from this privilege are too numerous to count. A hundered thank yous to the SiTS girls for making that possible - enjoy!!!

Em (Life, Liberty and the Pursuit)

Just Lisa said...

Done! Happy Valentine's Day!

I wanted to let you all know that Lent begins on Wednesday, and I am giving up my internet use during that time, so I will not be able to welcome the SITSas for the next several weeks. I will be back on Easter Sunday!

carma said...

Just finished!

Joy said...

Done with the list. I left a very friendly nudge to the folks without the button. :o)

Ann On and On... said...

I'm off and blogging. Anyone want to race.....just kidding, the Olympics are creating a competitive side of me. LOL

Ann On and On... said...

If anyone was racing won. I fell asleep with the laptop next to me, but I'm finished now.

If you like books and chocolate...come on over I'm hosting a little giveaway.

Jen said...

Playing some catch up. I got to this list.