Sunday, February 21, 2010

do what you do best!

Living Loving Laughing
Popshopology<---no button
Step Up And Stand Out For Real
Sweet Mama Jones<---no button
The Doctor Takes a Wife

Think Spin
Big City Baby
Today's Cliche
Ducks and Books<---no button
Household 6 Diva

City Chic on a Farm
Our Story
Painted Ladies<---no button
Jayhawk Girl's Kitchen
Fighting for Writing--no button

Bible Study US<--no button and it looks like the only way to welcome this one is to click on "contact" under the header. There is a "blog" link on the page but there doesn't appear to be a place to leave a comment there.
Our Family Treat
Fun Frills 'N More
a la Buzz
Domestically Challenged


carma said...

what's with all the "button slackers" these days! I'm off....

carma said...

It looks like "Today's Cliche" is linking to Big City Baby

Joy said...

I fixed those links. Thanks Carma!

Joy said...

I'm done with the list. I felt too shy to mention the lack of blog button to the ones who didn't have it. Maybe someone else can do it that's feeling brave.

Jen said...

I am working on the list and I believe that the rule is that if they don't sport the button then they don't get the love so let's not link them from now on. Sound fair?

adrienne said...

domestically challenged
city chic on a farm
think spin.